Pac-Man Imagination

Using imagination is more complex than you can think.

Unfortunately nowadays using your eyes in the right way is more complex than you can think.

People walk around holding the phone, texting, calling, feeling safe with these new technologies. People forget what’s the real side of reality.

I was walking in the Atacama desert when suddenly I found myself facing the protagonist of a famous videogame: Pac-Man. I used the power of imagination. It could be any rock in people’s eyes; for me it was Pac-Man.

Incredible nature as always proposed a fun distraction. It is wonderful to seize it in the best way, it is wonderful to capture every single masterpiece that’s offered to us.

The world is full of people who dream in front of a technological device. Thousands of people watching masterpieces through a screen.


Open your eyes, there is a masterpiece on every corner of the street, you must learn the use of imagination in your reality and every trivial thing will seem excellent to you.

The world is a spectacular place, check it, live the day, the moment. Catch the moment, it could be the turning point in your life.